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Recipes For Sad Women

It is written in books that for the mouth to moisten with saliva and everything to moisten with a fresh liquid all the sense need to coincide. Keep your pupils alert to pleasure, your taste buds, the little windows of the nostrils, the tips of your fingers, which touch with their flesh the places with the most unusual textures… Allow yourself to be guided by the gentle surge of sensations, learn the paths of your body, let everything moisten with a fresh liquid… Do not fear melting, dehydrating, dissolving. Let yourself go, don’t think, I want to hear a whole-body moan, an open-pored howl. Open, open till you’re split. Immerse yourself in the sea of sensations, lose yourself, run riot, unleash yourself, allow yourself to be, for moments, entirely lost and entirely loose.

Hector Abad - Recipes For Sad Women